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本文摘要:Creative types often dream of coming up with the next must-have gadget that will earn them a fortune.恋人创设的人一直理想着发明者出有必须让自身大赚一笔的必不可少武器。


Creative types often dream of coming up with the next must-have gadget that will earn them a fortune.恋人创设的人一直理想着发明者出有必须让自身大赚一笔的必不可少武器。But innovation isnt always something to be celebrated, if these ridiculous inventions are anything to go by.可是发明者并不一直有一点庆典活动,假如下列这种让人啼笑皆非的发明者也算术发明者得话。People have been sharing examples of the most preposterous devices online, from a machine that pets your dog so you can save yourself the trouble to shoes with ready-painted toenails for when youre feeling lazy.大家在网络上共享资源了最好笑的发明者,从抚摸小狗的设备到让你散漫的“涂抹甲油”的鞋。Others have tried to revolutionise trusty kitchen gadgets such as the pizza cutter with very dubious results, while someone invented a fan that attaches to your chopsticks or cutlery to cool down food thats too hot.别人还妄图改变可靠的厨房用品,例如实际效果猜疑的披萨切割器,及其同样在筷子或餐刀上的折扇,用于掀起凉太烫的食材。

Fashion isnt safe either with the invention of a tape measure belt that shows how trim or otherwise your waistline is and underpants for your hands.连时尚潮流也没法安然无恙。有些人发明者出拥有说明臀围的裤带,也有人给两手发明者了“內裤”。

Who wants a pet that you cant pet? Apparently thought theres a market for a device aimed at people who cant be bothered to stroke their dogs如果你没法抚摸自身的小宠物,那饲小宠物保证哪些?好像,发明者强调有那样一群人连自身的小狗都不想接吻。In a hurry to eat dinner? A fan you can attach to your chopsticks will make sure you dont risk burning your tongue缓着不吃晚餐?把折扇同样在筷子上,那样你也就会纯棉毛巾到你的嘴巴了。Too lazy to paint your toenails? No matter how badly you need a pedicure, its doubtful that these shoes are going to make a much better impression不想擦抹脚指甲?无论你多么的务必做指甲,那样的鞋可否让你的品牌形象罚分还感慨让人猜想。Therell be no more embarrassing moments in Japanese restaurants with this cutlery-chopstick hybrid拥有这类餐刀和筷子的结合物,在日本餐厅你再也不能心寒了。


If it aint broke! Most have a pizza cutter in their drawer for a very good reason and those that dont can just use a knife假如生产厂家不破产倒闭得话,大部分人都很有原因在自身的抽屉柜里备上一把披萨切割器,假如没得话,你能必需用一把一般的刀来托披萨。Gained at Weight Watchers this week? Why not advertise your disappointment to the world with a belt that keeps track of your waistline这周在慧俪轻质墙体组织察觉自己加重了?为何无须这类纪录你臀围的裤带将你的消沉广而告之?Phones can now play music, take photos, run countless apps and apparently give you a shave in the mornings手机上现在可以开播歌曲、相片、经营数不尽的运用于,好像还能够在早上给你刮腋毛。If youre not limber enough to undo your own bra, perhaps there are bigger concerns to attend to than rushing out to buy this clapping activated device如果你手和脚过度协调能力没法找到内衣文胸,也许除开跑去卖这一打法内衣文胸基因表达设备外,你也有别的更为最关键的事务必忧虑。


Do not disturb: This screen privacy hoodie supposedly blocks unwanted attention but is likely to have the opposite effect不必入睡:这类“隐私保护屏蔽掉”连帽卫衣相传能够挡住不愿的瞩目,但也是有很有可能造成反实际效果。Snack happy! Ensure you never go hungry with a pouch that allows you to take a slice of pizza everywhere you go开心的特色小吃時间!这一包装袋让你跑到哪里也不害怕可伶,由于你能够从包装袋里放进一片披萨来不要吃。Didnt they get the memo? When you spend all your time inventing underpants for the hands only to discover that gloves exist, the disappointment much be huge她们没记事本吗?如果你花上了那么多時间给手发明者內裤后,你肯定不会寻找有胶手套这类物品,你那时一定非常消沉。

Waste not a moment! If you like every second of your life to be non-stop entertainment, then toilet golf is the device for you一秒钟都不消耗!如果你期待生命中的每一秒钟全是时常地在游戏娱乐,那麼洗手间高尔夫球很适合你。Paranoid much? This device allows you to go through life without touching anything!过度心理扭曲了吧?这一实用工具让你不管回过头到哪里,都是会碰到任何东西!Not such a jean-ius idea: Surprisingly these denim flip flop wedges have not been seen on the haute couture catwalk在牛仔裤服装界这一想法并不是太高明:令人震惊的是这类牛仔裤凉拖没经常会出现在高級服装的T台上。



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